Private Blog Network Building

We build high quality bespoke private blog & site networks on high authority domains with zero footprints.

Private blog networks are one of the most effective ways to dominate the search engines.  Having the ability to control a fleet of relevant, highly authoritative websites is a major asset for any business.

Are you looking to...

Increase Search Engine Traffic

Private blog networks are a low risk cost efficient way to create as many relevant & authoritative backlinks as you want on demand. We use private blog networks to dominate some of the most competitive niches in SEO for our clients.

Create Your Own Private Blog Network Without Any Hassle

We take the hard work out of building private blog networks. All you need to do is place your order & tell us which niche you work in. We will find the domains, create the sites, insert your links & transfer everything to you!

Have Complete Peace Of Mind

One of the biggest advantages to a private blog network is you have complete control over everything. You can add, edit & remove links as you wish instantly.

Enjoy Long Lasting Results

Private blog networks provide cost effective long lasting results. Building blog networks is often time & money consuming but as we have scaled with client demand we have the ability to build completely bespoke 100% private blog & site networks. These are high quality sites that leave absolutely zero footprint – we don’t even use WordPress.

What we will do for you...

Step 1 – Find Your Domains

Once we receive your order we will begin to source niche relevant or general domains for your network. This is a manual process by our team & every domain must meet the following criteria:
  • Typically around 3 years old
  • Have a clean backlink profile
  • No foreign/russian/chinese anchors
  • A solid history
  • Majestic Citation & Trust Flow of around 10+
  • Referring domains 10-500
We rely on Majestic metrics more than any other, particularly Trust Flow as it is the most reliable metric. Google PageRank has not been updated for over a year & Moz’s Domain Authority is easy to manipulate.

Step 2 – Building Your Private Blog Network

Next we start building out the sites. We use a combination of WordPress and purely build flat HTML sites to reduce footprints. The sites look like real working sites & are developed based on the historic architecture of previous sites to remain as natural as possible.

Step 3 – Add Niche Relevant Content & Deploy Your Links

Next we start to develop the content for the site. All content is niche relevant and built out across 4-8 pages at random to help avoid leaving any kind of footprints while feeding Google the quality signals it needs. We will deploy all of your backlinks for you to get the best bang for buck. We will discuss this with you during the order process.

Step 4 – Transfer Ownership

Once we have completed building your sites we will push ownerships of the domains to your accounts. We will also send over all of the content used to build the sites. At this point the entire network will be under your full control end to end.