Make sure your domain is clean and spam free with our domain metrics

With your subscription, you are allotted a free amount of backlink grabs, or optionally you can grab the data for a nominal fee in our system.

What’s Provided:

  • Overview of unique links, unique domains, unique root domains, unique subnets and ASNs. Instantly know how well spread out the backlinks are for a domain, and the likelihood they are natural backlinks.
  • A word cloud of anchor text, get an overview of the contextual relevancy of the domains backlinks
  • Chart Selection
    • Age of domains based on WHOIS records, grouped by year
    • TLDs grouped by count
    • IP geolocation grouped by country
    • IP ASN grouped by ASN number (who owns the IP space, typically a hosting company)
    • IPs grouped by IP subnet
    • Trust Flow counts
    • Alexa Rank counts
  • Discover individual links that point to the domain
    • The backlink, its anchor text, the link type and its destination URL
    • Citation, Trust and Topical Trust Flow of the backlink page
    • Citation, Trust and Topical Trust Flow of the target page


  • Find out more about the domain that’s linking
    • The IP subnet and ASN
    • The age of the domain
    • Citation, Trust and Topical Trust Flow and Indexed URL count of the domain and the root domain

How to Use:

  • If you’re an experienced SEO then TL;DR… we have what you need!
  • Quickly gauge whether there is a natural backlink profile by evaluating the spread of hosting, diversity of domains
  • Evaluate the contextual relevancy of the domain
  • Options to filter the display of nofollow and deleted links.
  • Optionally only show the highest value link from each domain
  • Discover domains with quality, aged backlinks